Raspberry Pi Zero W - using Bluetooth?



I want to use my project on resin which uses Bluetooth LE.

I tried loading resin-io-projects/rpi3-bluetooth on my Pi Zero W but it doesn’t work. I get these messages:

10.06.17 12:17:54 (-0400) Systemd init system enabled.
10.06.17 12:17:55 (-0400) systemd 215 running in system mode. (+PAM +AUDIT +SELI
10.06.17 12:17:55 (-0400) Detected virtualization 'other'.
10.06.17 12:17:55 (-0400) Detected architecture 'arm'.
10.06.17 12:17:55 (-0400) Set hostname to <0183e8b>.
10.06.17 12:18:15 (-0400) Testing bluetooth on RPI3. Make sure you have a blueto
oth device enabled and visible.
10.06.17 12:18:15 (-0400) Attaching hci0...
10.06.17 12:18:15 (-0400) bcm43xx_init
10.06.17 12:18:45 (-0400) Initialization timed out.
10.06.17 12:18:45 (-0400) First try failed. Let's try another time.
10.06.17 12:18:45 (-0400) bcm43xx_init
10.06.17 12:18:45 (-0400) Patch not found for BCM43430A1, continue anyway
10.06.17 12:18:45 (-0400) Set Controller UART speed to 921600 bit/s
10.06.17 12:18:45 (-0400) Device setup complete
10.06.17 12:18:45 (-0400) Bring hci0 up...
10.06.17 12:18:46 (-0400) Scan for devices...
10.06.17 12:18:56 (-0400) Test finished. App configured to not exit. Restart the
 app if you want to retest.
10.06.17 12:18:56 (-0400) TEST FAILED

My end goal is to communicate with BLE using lbluetooth in the C language, but I thought this example program was a good first step. I have the code working in this repository, but it does not use resin yet, but I’m hoping to make the switch.

Does anybody have any idea how to use Bluetooth on the Rpi Zero W?


Hi Dillon,
let me add @michal to look into this issue


Hi Dillon,

I just wanted to let you know that we are currently testing a new release of resinOS that fixes the problem that you are experiencing.
It will be released as soon as the test cycle is completed.


Awesome. Thanks for the support. Is the build ready? How do I update
resinOS on my system?


We have released version v2.0.6+rev3 for the rpi1 that has a functional bluetooth for the pizero wireless.
@dillon1337 at this moment, hostOS updates from 2.X to 2.X is not yet released, it is work in progress.
I would recommend for the time being that you re-provision your SD card if you can do that