Prevent restart when updating device variables

when updating device environment variables (either from dashboard, or from API), device container is instantly restarting.
Is it possible to prevent this from happening?
Use case: I want to update multiple envVars at once. Using API this can be done within just a few seconds, but device restarts all the time.
Idea is to have something like a restart lock:
process would be then:
restart-lock = true
update var 1
update var 2
update var 3

restart-lock = false
-> device restarts



Currently whenever an environment (or service) variable is updated, the Application container is indeed restarted.

However, there is a locking mechanism available that stops the Supervisor from restarting your container for updates, see here for details. However, this works on-device only and is controlled entirely by the App.

You could potentially include a mechanism in your Application to create this lock, apply the required variable changes, and then release the lock, to allow the Supervisor to update it.

Best regards, Heds

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I’ve put this topic in as a +1 on the feature request in our issue tracker, and this topic will get updated when progress is made.