PR for balena sensor, adding SGP30

Dear @alanb128 - I PR’d a partial add of the SGP30 sensor, which will add VOC and C02 readouts. Sadly H2 and Ethanol do not work, as the included kernel module for the SGP30 is too old (seems to be an upstream problem - and adding this by hand will probably be very time consuming for your guys). Could you please have a look and accept it if its ok? Thanks :slight_smile:



Hello Nico, thanks for the PR! It may take a few days but I will definitely check it out.

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Thank you.
After that I might be able to push an additional change, adding Username/Password and TLS Certificate functionality to it. But regarding the Certs, I am currently thinking on how to handle them. At the moment there is only a manual push available, with the need to put the CA and Cert/Key file into the folder. I’d like to add them via a environment variable, however that would have security implications - so I don’t know how to do it like that in a secure way… Hence I’ll probably stray away from that option.