Possible to modify Host OS or other suggested workaround for Dbus?

For one of the pieces of software for one of the pieces of software we would like to ship that I’m working on containerising has to access parts of the host system using dbus to access bluetooth and wi-fi.

I’ve allowed dbus access via the dockerfiles but that still didn’t work. For Raspbian the software states to copy a configuration xml to /etc/dbus-1/system.d/ which didn’t do anything when I copied it in the container.

As a final resort I then remounted the host OS as write and created this XML config file on the host os and the software is now working.

So it seems that this configuration file is required to be on the host, however there isn’t a recommended method of modifying the Host OS from what I can find.

Is there a recommended way to possibly do this or a workaround that can be suggested?


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