Possible to have a CPU and Memory alarm for device in Balena Dashboard?

Is it possible to create an alarm in balena dashboard which sends notification when CPU or memory usage of a device have reached/exceeded a defined threshold?

Hello @Mauricio1 welcome to the balena community!

Actually this idea is on the roadmap tool, feel free to add your comments here โ†’ Implement webhooks/notifications/a means to be alerted of changes ยท Balena Roadmap

on the other hand, i know that @simonkemper from @DatacakeGmbH is working on this!

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Hello @Mauricio1

Yes we are actually right now working on building a container that you can put on your device and which reports stats and metrics on regular intervals to our platform where you can set alarms via E-Mail, SMS and also Webhooks.

Will post once ready.

Thanks @mpous for the ping.


@Mauricio1 i think you can try to add this service on your application โ†’ GitHub - datacake/balena-datacake-device-monitor-service: Monitor your Balena devices on Datacake