Pimoroni Bilge Tank

We are visiting Pimoroni today, and besides chatting with them a lot about hardware behind the scenes, we are joining their Bilge Tank live video show to chat about all kind of maker related things out there as well (mainly @curcuz, our resident master maker, I think:). If you are interested, here’s the link below to watch live at the time (starting in a few minutes), or later as recorded.

(huh, getting nervous:)


Hey I was watching,

and I have the perfect project that could use resin.

Its a 360 panorama setup using 8 Raspberry Pi Zeros and 2 Pi3’s

I would love to learn more about resin

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This looks like a really cool project! I can’t wait to see it done! :slight_smile:

(Also reminds me a bit of the beast as a 360⁰ piece of hardware.)