Pi-hole on resin.io

I’d like to install Pi-hole https://pi-hole.net/ which acts as a DNS server and blocks requests to advertisement/tracking domains. This means that it needs to use port 53 which is also in use by ResinIO

Are there any workarounds to be able to use ResinIO and Pi-hole on the same Rpi?


Hey @Leonti, looks like port 53 is in use, but only within the local device, on locally used interfaces. This means, that if your application does not try to bind to all interfaces, just e.g. to the IP that is on the eth0 and/or wlan0 interface, those are free to use. Just tested it out on a device, and I could bring up a server in an application container that listened on the wlan0’s port 53. :ear:

This might need some setup in your start script (to query the device IP, and work with changes to the IP, if that happens), but should be essentially diable, I think? :thought_balloon:

Thanks @imrehg, that’s awesome!

Looks like I need to modify /etc/dnsmasq.d/01-pihole.conf so it would listen to wlan0

Will try that later.