persist 2nd disk of intel nuc in /etc/fstab

how can I permanently mount an additional internal disk? on a linux system, i would add an entry in /etc/fstab, but the filesystem on that the file lies on, is only RO

I use an Intel NUC with an NVME as OS Disk and a SATA SSD as Storage Disk. I can create an filesystem on the SSD (/dev/sda) and mount it manually, but I need a way to persist the mount.

the data SSD should be mounted within /var/lib/docker/volumes, so that all named-volumes use that disk. So I need a way, that the disk is mounted before the docker daemon.


Hello Christian, thank you for using the balena forums.

i’m checking your question with the engineers, having said that, is it possible to know why do you use two different disks?

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Hi mpous,
the main idea was to separate OS and container data to avoid a full disk scenario.

Hello Christian, This is not currently possible, but has come up before and may be implemented in a future release.

ok, thx for the Info.
last question - would it be a good solution to edit the fstab file in the image? I’m wondering if it would be kept after an OS Update?


Hi Christian, The OS filesystem should not be user modified (and in this case the fstab file would indeed be overwritten), so that’s not a solution unfortunately. I have created a github issue for the 2nd disc support request, so that you can keep track of progress on this . Thank you

ok, thank you