People editing but not making changes to my post


I keep getting notifications that people edit my posts. I don’t care, but when I open them to see what I misspelled there doesn’t appear to be any changes.

Maybe I am missing something here.


Hi, @tacLog I checked the message you show above, and I think it’s something to do with the way these forums work. We have some automatic interfacing with our support ticketing system, and it seems like whenever our support agents posts an internal comment on the topic, it will end up as an edit on the original post (and checking the difference’s there are no differences). Thus it’s not really an edit, but surfaces as such, during our replies to your questions.

I understand that this can be very annoying, will check with our team whether it is something we can eliminate. Will keep you posted!

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Hey @imrehg,

It was more a mystery than an annoyance.

I just wanted to alert balena to it, in case it was somehow a bug.

Your explanation makes sense and I can just ignore it.

Thanks for looking into it!


Yeah, we did a couple of tests, and it seems like it is an issue that is within our power to fix. Thanks a lot for reporting it, because we were not aware of this! Hope we can solve it soon, and then our forum notifications can be not noise but signal for you. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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