Openbalena sub-subdomains

Is it possible to use multi-level subdomains for the openbalena subdomains? For example:,, etc?

I ask because I’d like to be able to use a single domain for both openbalena and other services which also use the api subdomain. Currently I have a specific domain just for openbalena but its a little wonky to manage.

Yep, I have been running like that for about 4 months now.

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Did you config that manually rather than the quickstart scripts? Or did it work when running something like this:

./scripts/quickstart -U <email@address> -P <password> -d

It was a while ago now, but from what I recall I just passed the domain I wanted it to be hosted on:

Got to make sure you have the right forwarding setup too. I am using CloudFlare:

Type A: subdomain → IP address (no proxying)
Type CNAME: api.subdomain —>

and so on for the other required forwards.

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Excellent thanks, ill give that a try. :+1: