Open Fleets button?

Wondered if you have a “deploy with open fleets” button similar to the deploy with balena? To make it nice and pretty in a repo such as this one…

Also, just to let you know there’s some little issues I spotted…

“Read more” not linked to anything:

Some formatting issues on mobile:

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Thank you Aaron for your suggestions! We are going to discuss this internally :slight_smile:

Cheers @shawaj , thanks for the feedback! We’re working through all these issues and more, and I dig the idea of a ‘join open fleet’ or similar button. Do you have any thoughts about how it could work? I’m thinking the button would have to link to the page on hub to enable the device selection/network config modal, but if the app has wifi config built in maybe there’s something we could do to just allow download of the image for certain device types?!

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