Only 1 of 4 containers running


We’ve been having an issue where at some point, out of the blue, only 1 out of 4 services would run. We’re trying to track down if this is following a reboot or restart of services but the device would not recover on its own. It basically hands with the splash logo.

Can you assist? (is there a way to share details in a more ‘private’ space)

Many thanks!

Hello folks,
Can you provide us with more information regarding your situation? What’s the status of other 3 services when they don’t run? Is it always the same 3 services? Is it similar to what you have mentioned in this thread BalenaOS won't start all services - #4 by andrewnhem with the same device type? Also, what do you mean by hands with the splash logo.
Regarding a way to share details in a more private space, you can DM us the details that you want to share and we can check it out for you. Happy to help!


Hello, just checking in. Were you able to resolve this issue?

Yes. With the help of Miguel - the issue was the network configuration in the docker-compose file. The configuration was missing the gateway configuration. Once the configuration was fixed, it works fine.

Thank you :wink: