OCI runtime exec failed: exec failed: container_linux.go:348

Hello Team,

We use your service on our two mainstream products,NUC and Jetson TX2.

On both devices we sometimes see random restarts of the containers. Recently I randomly captured the last stdout before the restart happens:

"OCI runtime exec failed: exec failed: container_linux.go:345: starting container process caused “process_linux.go:91: executing setns process caused “exit status 21"”: unknown”

Device info:


Intel NUC


balenaOS 2.41.1+rev1




I have seen a similar post here:

Do you think this has to do something with the supervisor or is it our Docker images?

I also found a popular post talking about this issue and the suggestion was the following:

use /bin/sh instead of /bin/bash


Before we start making changes to our Dockerfiles I wanted to have your opinion on this.

Thank you

Hi there, it’s difficult to say at this point, but these sorts of issues are typically (but not always) related to resource constraints on the device and possibly hardware issues with storage latency, etc. There could also be a problem with balena components, but we’d need to try and take a look at the device to see if we can narrow it down first. Are you able to grant support access and PM me the device guid (if you don’t want to make it public)?