Network Usage Balena OS 2.68

Hi all,

we are considering using the “new” Balena OS 2.68 for our devices (instead of the the 2.45). Since our devices are mostly connected via cellular I wanted to ask if there’s any info on the additional network usage for the monitoring (CPU load, memory, temp, disc) in the top right of the front-end? How often is this data send and how big are the packages approximately?

For the previous versions I found information here:

Hello @Hesch this is a very good question. Thanks for asking!

Internally we are trying to update these calculations to have them up to date with the latest OS versions. Let me know if you test anything and meanwhile I will move this internally to update the calculations.

Also note that since supervisor v12.8.0 you can disable the metrics with the BALENA_SUPERVISOR_HARDWARE_METRICS configuration variable, see balena-supervisor/ at master · balena-os/balena-supervisor · GitHub

Thanks a lot for the replies. If I find time to do a network-usage comparison I’ll let you know. Otherwise looking forward to the updated documentation.
And thanks for the advice about the disable flag, if we really need to save bandwidth we’ll take it into consideration.