My Video call device

Hi everyone,

I just started a project for my familly so we can see each other during these troubled time. The setup that I’ve come so far is this:

  • Raspberry 4B with the Argon one case
  • webcam Saitor 1080p
  • table microphone Maono AU-BM10
  • remote Rii MX6

Everything should be a nice setup for a small scale videoconference station !

But so far, i’ve come into these problem :slight_smile:

  • when camera start, screen start lagging terribly. Processor of the RP4 stay near 18% so its not a processor problem and case are near 45c so proc is not overheating. I’ve tryed the performance mode with no noticable change

-Microphone seems not well recognized by the system. I’ll try to find why.

  • Case block wifi signal: I’ll try to find a USB antenna to leviate this problem.

If anyone have a solution, I’ll take it ! right now i’ll continue trying to find a way to resolve them.

Hi there Sébastien, welcome to the forums!

Have you tried with a different camera, maybe a 720p one? I have seen at least one case of a user reporting a 1080p camera to be to much for the RPI4.

Regarding the microphone, if you can share any logs or errors you can get maybe we can help you figure out the cause (running dmesg on the device can usually provide some clues).


Hi Felipe,

Thanks for the answer, unfortunalty, I have not been able to get my hand to other camera (I’ve bounght 4 identical system for the family) I need them to be ready for christmas so I’ve tried the raspeberry pi OS and to my great surprise it worked pretty well, no lag with the 1080p, microphone work flawlessly and on top of that, wifi work also pretty well. So clearly there something that i’m not doing right or theres problem with the balenaOS for the raspberry image. I will investigate more after chritmas to see if I can get back the balena OS as I liked the idea of the kiosk mode and remote management, something right now that is not there.

I’ll keep you informed more after christmas !