Multiple Containers Problem with Bluetooth

Hello, I have a balenaFin used to run python programs, I need to run two services on it, So I’m using two containers to do the job, one of the two services is using Bluetooth, the situation is the following:

  • when I run one container which has the Bluetooth service, it runs fine
  • when I run the previous container alongside another container having a very simple code is doesn’t work at all (the Bluetooth service)
  • when I run any two containers but not using Bluetooth in any of them, everything works fine.
    the error shown is:

Hello, just to clarify: you have 2 services, 1 which uses bluetooth and 1 which does not. They both work fine when ran on their own, but the bluetooth one will crash when both are running at the same time?

If this is the case can you provide more information about what you are doing in either container? The error you report mention a bad file descriptor, you should be able to catch this error and print the filename and other information about it which might help us understand this better.

container 1, running a bluetooth scanning service that scans for BLE beacons and yes it works fine only if it’s the only container that’s deployed on Balene.
container 2, just collect some status about the device(ram/CPU) and send it using HTTP post request, and I trying running this container with another one, and they both worked fine