Moving server data from one balena server to another


Is it possible to completely migrate all the devices, apps, docker images from a server to another one?



Hi @matteopeluso

This should definitely be possible as all of the data that containers require to be persisted is stored in docker volumes, and you should be using domains that can easily be redirected using DNS so that devices can find the new host when you update DNS.

I wont go into specifics of how each step is performed but generally I believe you would need to do these steps:

  • Stop openBalena on current host.
  • Copy the openBalena folder on current host to new host. This contains any config changes you have made, certificates generated etc.
  • Copy docker volumes from current host to new host.
  • Start openBalena environment on new host as normal.
  • Update DNS entries for all openBalena domains etc you are using from current host to new host.

As with any major system migration like this I would always recommend testing this in a development environment first maybe using a couple of VM’s.