Missing images for dotnet on docker hub

While converting over to balena base images we encountered an issue where we can’t find the runtime image for dotnet 3.1 on docker hub. It looks like for version 3.1 only the sdk images are available, aspnet and runtime are missing.

It appears there are a number of configurations missing from docker hub. According to the base image repo there should be images for bullseye, buster and stretch versions of debian. However on docker hub I only see images for stretch.

Hi @ianmetcalf and welcome to the forums

We are checking our dotnet image builder and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible


Hi @ianmetcalf as an update we are actively working on this matter, we’ll get back to you when the images are available.

Hi @ianmetcalf

Just want to let you know that the dotnet images are available now!

Kind regards

Thanks to the balena team for getting this resolved, much appreciated.