Mac , somthing went wrong

can someone help ???
TypeError: Cannot read property ‘focus’ of null
at HTMLElement.proto.focus (/Applications/
at removeModalWindow (/Applications/
at Object.$modalStack.close (/Applications/
at Object.close (/Applications/
at module.exports.accept (file:///Applications/
at fn (eval at compile (/Applications/, :4:171)
at callback (/Applications/
at ChildScope.$eval (/Applications/
at ChildScope.$apply (/Applications/
at HTMLButtonElement. (/Applications/
at defaultHandlerWrapper (/Applications/
at HTMLButtonElement.eventHandler (/Applications/
at HTMLButtonElement.wrapped (/Applications/

Hi and welcome to the forums!
What version of macOS are you currently running?
At what point of the process is the application showing the error? (e.g. selecting image, selecting target, started flashing, end of flashing, …)

10.15 catalina
when I press flash (after chosing the Iso and drive

it works on a windows

Hi, we’re currently updating Etcher to run on macOS Catalina since it needs applications to be notarized. For now, you can check this issue for a temporary workaround.
Tell us how it goes!