Low power CM3 shutdown and i2c battery monitoring

Hi all!! Just checking the validity of an idea hoping I can get some guidance before proceeding? I have a project that has a battery management interface via i2c. Ideally I would like the Balena to shutdown on low power (have already got this monitored and working) but keep the CM3 coproccessor operating and monitoring the battery via i2c and when its gets above X charge state start up the Balena again.

From looking through the various docs and forum posts I think this is possible but looking for input from the wider community for any advice before proceeding - I’m a bit new to this so trying to avoid attempting something that may or may not be possible to begin with and if others have done so before me then not re-inventing the wheel!

Any advice greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @nzbypaul! the way I would proceed based on your requirements would be to leverage the balenaFin co-processor for the battery management (you can remap i2c to the EXP headers) so that it can determine when to spawn or shutdown the Raspberry Pi Compute Module. To answer your main question: yes, it is possible with the balenaFin :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply! Just looking to whats involved in getting this off the ground and from the readme of the firmata flash application there isn’t support for the Fin 1.1 yet(?)

Is this still correct? If so, any idea when support will be added?


@nzbypaul while adding support for v1.1, we took the chance to improve the overall workflow and I’ve been personally testing it for weeks. We are going to release it this week, so stay tuned :slight_smile: