Long latency after days of fleet uptime

Starting this thread, so we don’t go too far OT on the thread where this is originally mentioned.

From here: Spotify - tiny gaps/pauses in the sound

We are seeing the total audio playback latency slowly increase over days of uptime. When the fleet comes on line initially, there is an expected ~2 seconds of total latency in the system. But after maybe a week of uptime, that latency increases substantially, and has been noted at between 10 and 25 seconds of overall latency.

Restarting the multiroom-server container resets total latency back to the expected ~2 seconds. Restarting clients does not appear to affect the latency. So, this appears to be an issue in the multiroom-server or audio containers.

Please post any experiences you have with high latency.


Thanks Mark, let’s see what the community weighs in with and if any folks report issues here.

Apparently, I might have the same issue along with other problems (I created a topic for them). Raspberry Pi 4B 4Gb.