Labtool configuration on balena fin device

I am performing Wi-Fi RF testing for Balenafin (installed with both Productions as well as development OS).

For this purpose, i use DUT app and Labtool client.

  1. DUT app to be set up on Balenafin and create a bridge connection

root@a98df58:/usr/src/app/app# ./

/lib/firmware/mrvl/sdio8887_sdio_combo.bin exists, will start mfgbridge

UART: initialize …

Can’t open serial port: No such file or directory

NET: initialize …

NET: socket bind is completed!

NET: initialization is completed.

NET: server port: 9930

NET: client port: 9931

NET: socket FD = 3

NET: new connection from

Initialize drvwrapper …

no nfc /dev/mnfcchar0no nfc /dev/mfmchar0Initialize drvwrapper for BT …

  1. Once DUT initialized, run Labtools from laptop

Name: Dut labtool
Date: May 2 2017 (11:53:53)


  1. =========WiFi tool=============
  2. =========BT tool=============
  3. =========FM tool=============
  4. =========NFC tool=============

Enter CMD 99 to Exit

Enter option: 1
Name: DutApiClass
Interface: EtherNet
Date: May 2 2017 (11:53:34)


Dut’s IP
Host’s IP
DutIf_UdpIp::delay 0
DutIf_UdpIp::vg_IfSpy 0
TCP connecting…
DutIf_InitConnection: 0

W87xx (802.11a/g/b/n/ac) TEST MENU

Enter option: 45
Unknown Option
Enter option: 11
DutIf_GetRfChannel: 0x00000002
RF Channel: 0 (0.0 MHz)
Enter option:

The problem i am facing is -

  1. For any input on labtool, I receive a response from DUT as 0x00000002 (error in os operation) and eventually the wifi device on IoT disconnects and wifi connection does not show wlan0 as a device attached.
    2.MAC address also not visible on balena cloud

For this testing we are using
Balena OS -2.38.0 v9.15.7 (Development or Production OS)
labtool - v2.0.1