Kitra 520 discontinued?

I was looking at the supported device list at and saw that there was support for the Kitra 520.

Quite excited ;-), I created an account but noticed that it was not available in the device type.

After some searches on GitHub, I saw that it’s configuration was changed to “Discontinued” in the resin-artik repository around 23 days ago.

Is there a way that I can still use this device type ? (They are still being sold and not discontinued by RushUp - Samsung).

We’ve got a project with 100 or so prototypes using this board that we wanted to port over to




Unfortunately support for the Kitra 520 board has been permanently withdrawn from the platform. That said, if you consider moving to a different device type, we do support the more recent Artik 530/530s/710 and Kitra 710 .