Is it possible to setup swap on / ResinOS?


I’m running a Raspberry Pi 3 with a WPE based signage solution, where my users can set up a series of screens that run as a slideshow. Each screen is a webpage that loads via AJAX and is injected into the document.

I have experienced that if my RPi ever runs out of memory the system reboots. This in itself is fine, as it is exactly what I’d like it to do, and with the way my test is currently set up it takes about 10-12 hours before it reaches 1GB of memory (showing a ton of gifs, HTML5 videos and flash content).

But, since I have no control over what my users put on the screen and it might be much more memory intensive than my test setup (and include memory leaks from iframes and embedded content), I’d like to extend the amount of time the screen can run before it needs to restart.

I was hoping setting up a swapfile might help, but I don’t seem to be able to since the FS is read-only.