is it possible to have several credentials in 1 config json?

is it possible to have several credentials in 1 config json?

can i have 2 user ids etc in the config file that would mean i can update my containers and the maufactures credentials for thier containers wouls not be effected ??
basically looking to merge the 2.

//my details fake



//their details currently on device fake

“apiEndpoint”: “”,
“appUpdatePollInterval”: 900000,
“applicationId”: 15??574,
“deltaEndpoint”: “”,
“deviceApiKey”: “96cbc0c821cd32b69c4e5d6c2e0bd117”,
“deviceApiKeys”: {”: “96cbc0c821cd329c4e5d6c2e0bd117”
“deviceType”: “raspberrypi4-64”,
“listenPort”: 48484,
“mixpanelToken”: “9ef939ea64cb6cd8c96af72345d70d”,
“os”: {
“network”: {
“wifi”: {
“randomMacAddressScan”: false
“sshKeys”: [
“ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAAAgQDN05wkp3v2DfUNlEpr+UXaJ+ZV/4MVqw3x9dLPESFdVWTLSwwehxXJEPsq0cDs1jyiWFWw1uSuIyBSPnOujw0tpjil4S++xZsEeGMepwzgXQmEdAYKQgZyIRa1he/LxMhIF8boVdntHKyBAto8Du0iUtdyP9PVc3ZDQ==”,
“ssh-rsa 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 oliver@DESKTOP-KJK4Q3P”
“registryEndpoint”: “”,
“userId”: 209cx2,
“vpnEndpoint”: “”,
“vpnPort”: 443,
“uuid”: “0ecc6447341231b8cebbef5a57f2bd55”,
“registered_at”: 1637293232250,
“deviceId”: 5293995

like can i do “userId”:22xx98, 209cx2,

or can i some how seperate depending on which ssh key was used for login ie my ssh it uses my credentials and theirs uses their credentials like an if else statement? or is it possible to have 2 config files one for each login or userid

Yes, it is possible to have several credentials in one config JSON file. You can define multiple objects in the JSON file, each representing a set of credentials, and then use those objects as needed in your code. Here is an example:

“cred1”: {
“username”: “user1”,
“password”: “pass1”
“cred2”: {
“username”: “user2”,
“password”: “pass2”

In this example, there are two sets of credentials, cred1 and cred2, each with their own username and password. You can then access these credentials in your code by referring to

# Load the JSON file
with open('config.json', 'r') as f:
    config = json.load(f)

# Use the credentials from 'cred1'
username = config['cred1']['username']
password = config['cred1']['password']

# Use the credentials from 'cred2'
username = config['cred2']['username']
password = config['cred2']['password']

Note that you will need to modify this code to suit your specific needs and the structure of your JSON file.

Yes, it is possible to have several credentials in a single JSON configuration file. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format that is commonly used for storing and transmitting structured data. It allows you to define key-value pairs and organize data in a hierarchical manner.