Is balena registry down? Cannot ping

Is the balena registry down currently? I am unable to ping and we are waiting 30+ minutes for updates to go through and just keep getting the “Still processing delta remotely” message.

some here from europe

I am not sure when you noticed but it started doing this about 2 hours ago - around 8 AM ET.

yes, same

same thing here also europe and waiting really long for deltas to process…

status page says nothing…

I think it is working for me now…

Nevermind, not sure how I squeaked one through. It worked for one of my devices but now its back to stuck.

Anyone have any luck?

nope, still stuck

Anyone from the balena team have anything?

Hello @jordan-lumley @bas @lukasknk apologizes for the delay.

I can see in the status page that yesterday there was an issue documented yesterday around 4pm UTC.

Delta generation timeout

Resolved - Timeouts generating on-demand deltas between releases, starting around 1pm UTC and resuming around 4pm.

I’m going to ask internally. Thanks for your patience.

BTW @jordan-lumley do you still have this issue?

Thank you for chiming in! I was a little persistent on trying to ping this post because we were on customer location and this inhibited us from performing a very important update so it was quite chaotic.

We are able to update now, however the delta processing still seems to be performing very slowly. It took me 23 minutes to update a device this morning and it was just crawling. The version was not a large update at all and the internet speeds are about 300-350 MBPS.

Hello @jordan-lumley it took you 23 minutes to update a service due the download speed? or due some errors you saw on the balenaCloud Logs?

let us know more! Thanks!

This was not due to download speeds. This was due to processing delta taking a lengthy amount of time. Never was able to successfully update until later that day in the afternoon.