Inter and Intra fleet network


Docker networks use its own embedded DNS to resolve service names to an ip address, which makes abstracting network related programming more general and flexible. This type of functionality works internally to a device. My question, is it possible to extend this further to a intra-fleet network and inter-fleet network?

I have uploaded a picture for a visual explanation.


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Hello @smitty,
Thanks for reaching out and presenting a diagram to describe your problem. Can you tell us more about your use case where communication between 2 balena devices in the same fleet (intra) or different fleets (inter) is needed?

We don’t currently support this as a feature. But there are workarounds, which can get you closer to some form of device discovery, limited potential to contact them and works only on local network to the device. This doesn’t use the name resolution provided by docker networks/DNS

Using balena scan on device A, you can find information about Balena devices in the device’s network. This should give you relevant information to ping a device if they are in the same network as A.

Reference: balena CLI Documentation - Balena Documentation