Intel NUC and TPM


We are using with the Intel NUC image.
Looking for ways to secure the application against an evil hacker with physical access.

What is the chance of seeing TPM support (Trusted platform module) in the near future?


Hi, what ways are you thinking of using the TPM to secure your application?

We were looking into adding TPM support on device types that have that available, but it’s a work in progress. It’s also would more along the line of securing the OS so far. Hence our question of how would you use that yourself?


We want to reduce the risk of someone getting access to inspect/change our software. For example as it is now, a person may mount the disk in another system and will then have access to everything thing, e.g. python scripts, configuration files etc.

A solution that requires access to some remote authentication service is not an option. The application must work offline as well.

And I was hoping to use tpm for disk encryption.



Any details on what it means that you are “looking into adding TPM support” ?
Any hope on TPM in 2018?
Any feature ticket I can follow?