Intel Galileo support?

Hi, this is not really a feature request, more like a feature query. I think I recall experimental Intel Galileo support being on the front page, but now I cannot find it anywhere.

Is it fair to ask whether it has been dropped? If it has, that’s fair (you have insane time to support the boards you already have for sure), just trying to figure out whether my memory plays games with me…

Hey @imrehg,

I think it maybe your memory playing tricks on you :wink:. Galileo support has never been on the roadmap, I’ve spoken to the device engineers and it seems it’s not likely that it will ever be supported(unless of course we get a lot more queries like this). But the intel Nuc is on the way!

That is certainly possible! Now looking back at the frontpage through the Internet Archive, indeed that was the Nuc. Hum, strage brain!

If it was mentioned though… I see that Galileo has a Yocto layer, so I guess, at least in theory, could be made work with meta-resin. That might be something I’ll try out, see what happens. If I may - is there any reason a priori you think it would not work? I’m guess you haven’t checked in detail if it wasn’t on your roadmap, just also think you are in much better position to make proper educated guesses of this kind. :smile:

Hey Greg! There’s no a priori reason it wouldn’t work. In fact, it should not be too far from our work on the Edison. If you are feeling up for it, have a look here –

We’re more than happy to help you through the quest until you can submit a pull request to meta-resin, and answer any questions you may have here.

Good luck!

Sounds good! Yeah, I was checking out meta-resin (there are a couple of ideas for boards to try out seriously, khm, the VIA boards:).

I’ve seen that meta-intel-galileo (and meta-intel-quark it relies on) is only on Yocto 1.7 Dizzy, but it should be possible adapt that, I guess.

Two comments:

  • the Readme in the Github meta-resin says to submit a pull request to a bitbucket repo, that throws a “You do not have access to this repository.” for me, so not sure how that would work
  • looking at the docs it does not seem to say (or I’ve missed it) what’s the step after enabling resin through Yocto, what would it need to be able to actually deploy an application onto the board? I guess that part of the docs is still coming later? (anyway, it’s not any time soon to get there, just asking)


Well, #1 is a bug on our end! The repo is here –

It is coming soon, but the hard work is in the yocto part. We’re almost done with a major internal roadmap that makes all of the resin infrastructure and UX parametric based on a json file. So basically, once we have the meta-resin additions, all that’s left is adding it to our device-types.json file and testing it. is becoming open source, so expect a lot more of this to become public! For now, we’d do the final step internally.

As for the VIA boards you’ve sent us, we’re almost done with them :slight_smile:

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