How to use volumes with rdt



This is a fantastic setup and a great experience with the rdt tooling. I have pushed a number of containers over the weekend and things are working well.

One thing I couldn’t find an answer to is how to use volumes with the rdt command for persistent data on the host. I have seen I can use docker directly to run my container but the rdt experience is so good I would like to use that approach.

Is this possible? I guess also the question should also be about passing any additional parameters to docker run and not just volumes!

Thanks, Simon

File permission problems with volume containers starting containers as non-root user (www-data)

Hey @firecube, Glad you are enjoying rdt. By default, rdt should mount a volume from the hostOS directory /mnt/data/resin-data/<app-name>/ into /data in the container. Obviously its not as flexible as defining your own volumes, but it would also be cool if you add an issue/feature request on the rdt repo here:


Great, thanks!

I have also opened an issue as you suggested.