How to update development Host OS version


On my raspberry pi I am running “development” Host OS version Resin OS 2.15.1+rev2.
How can I best updated my host OS to a more recent version ?


Hey @janvda,

At the moment, only production devices can have the Balena OS updated.
If you are running a dev device, I would suggest you to rewrite the sdcard with the updated OS.

Thank you!

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Would be nice to have a script that upgrades the OS manually. That’s a lot of work to keep dev devices up to date.

Shouldn’t be too much work. Even if you have several dev devices all you have to do is insert an sd card flashed with balena into the slot and reboot the device. It will automatically pull the latest version of your code from your balena git remote and push it to the device.

All you have to do is flash some sd cards and then plug in your devices. (unless I’m missing something about your setup)

We use RevPi as our base, which doesn’t have a sd card slot. We have to plug them into a PC to flash them. In addition, we have to backup/restore our /mnt/data if we want to retain it.

Just a bit of work for something that should be doable from the balena dashboard, IMO.

Ah, yeah that seems like a reasonable headache to want to avoid. Especially the /mnt/data retention

I’d also like to request the ability to update the OS of a dev device.

Re-flashing a dev device can be a bit of work depending on the device’s use case.

Is this something balena would consider supporting in the future?

Hey @wlisac, host os updates weren’t originally supported so as to discourage the deployment of .dev OS versions in production. There are some plans to add support for host os updates. We will keep this thread posted. Cheers!

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Hello, its been a while but just to follow up! – hostOS updates are now possible for .dev devices.