how to skip "balena ssh [fleet] [device]" verification prompt

Hello balenafam,

So a question…
When we push to a fleet using:
balena push fleet device
the cli proceeds to push or do what we want.
But when I try to
balena ssh fleet device
i get an extra prompt,
balena ssh fleet device ? Select a device on fleet x_secret_service/fleet (Use arrow keys) ❯ crying-rhino (x90210)

How can we skip this, or make the behaviour similar to pushing to the fleet?
Even a flag would do…
balena ssh -y fleet device


puc man.

You can drop the fleet and directly use the device-name or slug. Is that not working for you?

You can do balena ssh UUID

hello :wave:

puc@ncc808:~/Doc (master)$ balena ssh withered-pond

Fleet or Device not found: withered-pond

but then

puccaso@puccaso:~/Docs (master)$ balena ssh x_u_n/xp900
? Select a device on fleet x_u_n/xp900 (Use arrow keys)
❯ withered-pond (x90210)

If i use the device name alone, it doesnt work. If i use the full slug, then it still asks for confirmation.

hello @zoobot

indeed, yes the UUID doesnt ask for confirmation, but then requires an extra step to get into the containers once we’re in the host OS.

HI there,

just to clear some things up

balena ssh <UUID> will work - but you must use the UUID , not the device name to do this. This will take you straight to the hostOS of the device, without prompt

balena ssh <UUID> <container-name> will ssh into the container you want, on the device you want, without any further prompts

Is this enough for your use case? Is there a reason you must use the device name to ssh in?


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this did the trick!

Thank you kindly @rcooke-warwick :slight_smile:

puc man