How to issue dhcp leases on eth0

I’d like the device serve dhcp leases on eth0. Any hints? Run dhcpd?

I have an app that exposes a mosquitto broker to whatever is attached to eth0 and accesses the Internet via usb modem via ppp.

I think dhcpd should work. Did anything get tried, and fail, on this topic?

Wouldn’t the container need to be run with the --net=host flag so that the DHCP requests can be picked up from the device eth0 interface. Is this configuration possible with resin??


As long as the relevant DHCP ports are exposed (UDP 67/68) then this should work as in any other Docker use case, without having to use host networking (if you’re not using a Multicontainer app, then exposing the ports in your Dockerfile should be sufficient, else expose them in your docker-compose file).

Hope this helps, Heds