How to indicate that a certain service should not be started in docker-compose.yml?

I am having a multiple container application.
Is there a way to indicate that a certain container (service) should not be started (by default) by balena ?

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We don’t currently have a way to achieve this via the Supervisor (such as a docker-compose directive).

One way of achieving this is to use a ‘manager’ service that would start up and determine which services should be running. Each other service could then wait on during their initialisation for a signal whether to start up, possibly by listening via something like a socket which the manager would then communicate on to let the service know to continue. The manager could also then shutdown services not meant to be running via the Supervisor API (the relevant call is here: ). It would probably also be useful for each optional service to be defined with the restart: no policy.

We do actually have a feature in development that will allow for this kind of case which, but we don’t currently have an ETA for it yet.

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