How to filter which services run on each device?


I have 3 devices, all run some of the services, but some don’t. How can ensure each device knows which services it should run?

Ideally, docker-compose.yaml would allow for a required_tags so I could tag the devices with their roles.


One strategy could be to use a single service to bootstrap the services on your device. The “bootstrap” service could decide which services to start based on device variables.


Hm, maybe that would work. Do you have any tips on how:

  • I can disable services, so they don’t automatically start, but instead get manually started by the bootstrap
  • How can I manually start services from this bootstrap service?

Hi @fabiopedrosa , we don’t have a built in way to do that currently, but you can use ENV vars and a well designed entrypoint for you services as shown in this project here: . In that project you will see we use RUN_ON_DEVICES=collector-pi3 on a service to make it run on specific devices that have that env var set. The entrypoint script also has some more info on this here: