How to enable HDMI output on Variscite VAR-STK-DT8M-MINI_LO

I have a DART-MX8M Mini. It’s plugged in to the VAR-STK-DT8M-MINI_LO eval board which has an HDMI output.

  1. How can I enable the HDMI output?
  2. How can I echo text to the console connected to the HDMI output?
  3. How can I run a graphics app and display it on the HDMI output?
  4. If I connect a USB keyboard, can my app read stdin from this keyboard?


How can I enable the HDMI output on Variscite VAR-STK-DT8M-MINI_LO (the eval board in which the supported DART-MX8M Mini is plugged in to)

Hello, you can create a container that should be able to do all the things you mentioned… make sure the HDMI monitor is powered on before you boot though for best results. Here are some examples: A project that displays a photo slideshow via HDMI: GitHub - balena-io-experimental/photo-slideshow: A web frame to display photo slideshow of your favorite photo albums , a block that runs X server for graphical applications over HDMI: GitHub - balena-labs-projects/xserver: A simple X11 server block

For the keyboard, if your container is privileged, it should pick up the keyboard as a device from the HostOS. Here is an example for accessing the keyboard via Node.js in a container: GitHub - balena-io-experimental/node-keyboard-input: An example of reading input from a physical keyboard or other USB HID into a Node application

I see that we did release a version of balenaOS for the VAR-STK-DT8M-MINI_LO V2 a while back - has that been working as intended? Support for Hardware v2.0 of Variscite VAR-STK-DT8M-MINI_LO or VAR-DVK-DT8M-MINI_LO, based on DART-MX8M-MINI. AKA how to patch BalenaOS with a newer .dtb file ? - #18 by the-real-kenna