How do I run Etcher from the command line?

Hi All,

How do I run Etcher from the command line in Linux? (Ubuntu).



Hi @craigbert , welcome to the forums!

There’s no etcher CLI tool at the moment. One of my colleagues explained a few alternatives over here in case you want to take a look.
I’m also curious to hear what does your use case look like. We stopped support for the CLI because we found not many people were actually using it.


I have a use case that would be applicable. I have OpenMediaVault running on a machine with an SD card slot. The software will use an entire disk as an isolated boot disk for the OS/NAS/swapfile software. The OS is Debian linux running headless, and a desktop environment cannot be used while NAS services are running. A bootable SD Card with the image can be used as a boot disk (Raspberry Pi’s are a perfect example).