How do I embed login credentials in the LAUNCH_URL that is getting displyed? - Balena-Dash

Good day,
Is there a way to embed or preconfigure a specific login username and password for the Launch_Url function in Balena-Dash

Hi @Optix,

To make sure we understand correctly, are you saying the website you’re displaying with balenaDash has a username and password required for viewing, which you’re trying to embed in the URL to make sure it loads automatically?

If not, please share a bit more detail and we’ll try to respond more accurately.

Hi the-real-kenna,
That is correct as you saying there and that is what I am trying to achive.
Not sure if there is a way.

@the-real-kenna I just want to find out if you know of a way to embed the credentials in Balena’s Web LAUNCH_URL so that it automaticaly loads and read the credentials upon display.


@Optix thanks for confirming. I’ll reach out to some of the developers who are more familiar with balenaDash than I am and check - I’ll get back to you shortly!

@Optix my colleagues were speedy. :slight_smile:

We talked a bit about embedding the credentials in the LAUNCH_URL (i.e., but agreed that it’s not the best approach (for security reasons).

However, another approach could be to have a local webpage as the LAUNCH_URL and have a script on that webpage which could then negotiate login.

So the short answer is that balenaDash doesn’t specifically have a path for solving this, and the final solution will depend on the authentication mechanism of the target website. But hopefully that gives you some ideas to think about.

Let us know what you finally decide to do so that others in the community can benefit from it!