How can I enable public URLs of devices managed by openBalena?

Hi community,

I am managing a fleet of devices using openBalena and it’s working GREAT!

I would now like to create a Grafana service and exposing it on port 80, but I wouldn’t know whether it would be possible to do so in openBalena?
In case this was possible, could you please walk me through the passages?

Thanks a lot,

Public device URL’s are not available on openbalena.
Do you intend to make the grafana service available on port 80 to be accessed by client on your local network or publicly over the internet?
I assume the latter, then the process you intend to follow would be similar to when servers need to be exposed to the internet. In broad terms, you need to:

  • in your router, configure the firewall to allow the specific port your server uses (port 80) to allow incoming connections
  • in your router, configure a port-forward for the port 80 to the internal IP address of your device, also to port 80 to receive the connections
  • on your server, ensure your firewall allows connections to port 80

Additional setups will be required to link a domain to your IP address for users to find your grafana service easily and for HTTPS you can use Let’s Encrypt.