Help Deploying Balena Sound to Pi Zero W?

I just got Balena Sound running on a Pi 3+ in order to breathe new life into some Deftech W9 speakers that melted down (long story, bad Deftech…no biscuit!). I am suitably impressed and thrilled to have sound coming out of what was until a couple of hours a go a rather expensive brick!

Now I want to try it with a Pi Zero W, however when I follow the original link that I used for my first effort ( I get rather quickly bolluxed. It takes me to my dashboard under Applications> balena-sound where I have the option to add a device. Only problem is that R Pi Zero isn’t listed as an option.

I’m missing something obvious…right?

Hello @granitechief

Welcome to our forums! I assume you’re trying to add the Pi Zero W to the same application as your Pi3+.
Since they have different architectures, they can be in the same app. You’ll need to create a new application from scratch (and name it something different, like balena-sound-zero) and add the Pi zero as the device type.
Let us know how it goes.


Umm…wow? Got to be the fastest forum response I’ve ever seen!

I thought that might be the case, so I created the new application, added the zero, and hey look at that, there it is in the dashboard!

But this is a different path than what I did for the Pi 3+. There was a nifty button that did pretty much everything for me with the Pi3+, the image that I booted seemed to know that it needed to download balena sound (at least that’s what it seemed to do). Now I’ve got a functioning Zero W, but it’s just a bare OS. I need to figure out how to get Balena Sound onto it now.

I’m guessing there are docs that I need to read. So I’ll go see if I can find 'em! :slight_smile:

…aaaaand just like that I’ve found the CLI, found the git repository, cloned it, pushed it, and hey presto…it’s on the zero! Now for some pesky environment variable foo and I think I’ll be there. Amazing what happens when you read before asking :slight_smile:

Hey, glad you found your way on how to do it. The deploy to balena button works for Pi zero as well. Once you click it, you need to change the target device type before downloading.