gpio-powenroff not pull pin low post shutdown in balenaOS 2.99.27

I find that gpio-poweroff Overlay works as expected for balenaOS 2.56.0+rev1, paired with Supervisor Version v11.14.0 in Development Mode Only.
Neither balenaOS 2.101.7+rev1 with Supervisor Version 14.0.13 Nor balenaOS 2.99.27 with Supervisor Version 14.0.8 is the specified pin being pulled low post shutdown.

Specifically utilising DT Fleet parameters:
with fleet DT Overlay:

The expectation being, for wiringPi gpio pin 25 (Broadcom pin 26, physical pin 37, and the default)
to be pull low after an OS Shutdown as initiated by
curl -X POST --header “Content-Type:application/json” “$BALENA_SUPERVISOR_ADDRESS/v1/shutdown?apikey=$BALENA_SUPERVISOR_API_KEY”

We are utilising
raspberrypi4-64 aarch64

I have confirmed that the overlay setting are being set in /mnt/boot/config.x files