Getting bluetooth on miniUART to work


We need the UART port on our Pi3B to talk to a microcotroller, but would like to use Bluetooth.

So far I was only partially able to connect to things.

I’m using the pi3-miniuart-bt overlay and core_freq=250 via RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_ settings, so much so good.
On the Debian container, I’ve installed pi-bluetooth (after remounting /lib/firmware as RW temporarily).
Now, bluetoothctl shows a controller and hcitool lescan show the BLE device that I would like to connect to, but trying to connect to the BLE either via a python script using bluepy or via hcitool fails.

Does anyone have bluetooth over miniUART working at all?


Hey there @dominikfretz-or

Can you provide more information as to what exactly is failing in the Python script? If you have a backtrace, that would be ideal to take a look at what’s going on here.

Thanks a lot!