Forcing Spotify to limit cache


I experienced an issue with a RasPi 3+ I set up with Balena Sound for my family kitchen. Spotify’s cache had filled the storage on the (8GB SanDisk) SD card. I looked into clearing the cache and setting up a command for LibreSpot not to use so much storage but, while those functions exist as part of its GitHub, there was no way obvious to me as a non-advanced user to set that up with Balena Sound, so I just re-flashed the card as a fresh device install.

Is there a way I can set this up with Balena Sound? The device is for my parents, so I’m not always going to be around at their place to re-flash the card, and they’re not going to have any idea how to fix it if the same issue crops up again.


Thanks for opening this ticket, this is indeed something that some members of the community are already working on. You can see the progress on this pull request here - spotify: Add option to disable Spotify's audio cache by eiddor · Pull Request #369 · balenalabs/balena-sound · GitHub