Flash EV3DEV failed

Hi, I have tried to flash EV3DEV onto a few SD cards. I am using Windows 11, the SD cards are standard 32GB cards. I have done this before and succeeded many times. But recently it just doesn’t work anymore. I found the SD card got 3 partitions, 1 is 48MB with EV3DEV volume name, 1 is 1.7G with no volume name and empty, and one is the rest of the space not allocated. Could anyone help?

Link to the file:

Hello, I get the same result. I assume that’s the contents of the image. What is the expected outcome? Also keep in mind that you are looking at a Linux filesystem on a Windows machine, so you may not be seeing the full contents of the card. What happens when you use the flashed card as intended? Does the device boot from it?