Failed to download image from registry

Hi there, pushed a multi container app to with the cli using resin deploy, one container downloaded correctly but the other one keeps failing to download and loops forever trying to download and retrying. The image is about 1.2GB, is there some timeout?

Failed to download image '' due to 'failed to register layer: Error processing tar file(exit status 1):

Hi Brice,

This sounds a lot like the issue some of us have been having with Resin OS 2.14.3, does that match your OS?

I get a mix of “Error processing tar file(exit status 1):” and “Error processing tar file(exit status 1): write [filename] cannot allocate memory”.

Our images are around 800MB and still download correctly on older Resin OS releases.

We have this issue on QEMU x86 64bit and another user is experiencing it on Raspberry Pi 3.
Resin’s Fleet Operations are looking into it and said they will reply on our thread.

One of our 2.14.3 devices was left looping but completed its download after 5 hours. Another looped for 7 hours and did not complete. We are downloading a classic app, so this may span both app types and multiple boards.

Hi @brdrcol what command line option you are using to run the QEMU image? The memory allocation is set in the command line. Do you have a device that we could check out (if you can post the UUID and enable support access, we can check things).

@brdrcol yea you are correct, downgraded the version and it works now, will probably wait before updating the image