Error: Failed to find config.json! (bye, bye)

Anyone know which component is responsible for the message “Error: Failed to find config.json! (bye, bye)”?

Hey there! This error comes from the Balena Proxy, whenever you are executing an action on the device or opening a web terminal to it. The code will try to find config.json in the following locations before aborting:

  • /mnt/boottmp/config.json
  • /mnt/boot/config.json
  • /mnt/conf/config.json
  • /mnt/data-disk/config.json

Do you know why it might be missing?

Yes It’s part of our IP protection work, it’s not in a standard location. /mnt/data/config.json

Knowing that list of locations I’ll symlink one of those over, probably /mnt/conf/config.json

Thanks for letting us know. Please follow up if you have any issues once this symlink solution has been implemented.

I can confirm a symlink as detailed works.