Error: "Cannot Find Path Specified" when attempting to flash Helium OS to SD card

I am attempting to follow these steps: Replacing SD Card | Helium Documentation

to replace the SD card in my Helium miner. When I flash the image to the SD, I get this same error every time. Using Windows 10. Tried different USB ports, tried with and without extracting the .gz file first. Tried formatting with and without quick-format. Always the same:

Can anybody suggest what the problem might be? Thank you

Hi, thanks for reaching out!

Could you provide the URL of the file you are trying to flash? When you decompress can you see the contents of the img file correctly (i.e. no corruption). Could you also share more information about what Etcher version you are using and the console logs when the operation fails (You can get them through the View Menu > Toggle Developer Tools > Console).

Thank you!