Enabling deep sleep for your Raspberry Pi project

Please use the thread below to discuss the related blog post: https://www.balena.io/blog/enabling-deep-sleep-for-your-raspberry-pi-project

@keenanjohnson, this blog may be interesting to you on power management. I remember you talking at the balenaHub Meetup about the challenges with solar power and lowering power usage.

Here is the headline teaser:

Battery: 12V 7.2Ah lead battery life on a Raspberry Pi 3

  • Without Morpheus (named after the greek god of sleep and dreams): 43 hours
  • With Morpheus (wakeup every 30 mins): ~197h = ~8days
  • With Morpheus (wakeup every 60 mins): ~279h = ~11.6 days
  • With Morpheus (wakeup every 24h): 490h = ~20.4 days

Ah thanks so much! I’ll take a look.