Enable persistent logging on existing device/image?

How can I enable persistent logging on an existing device in the field? Is there a way to do this? We are having issues with a test unit that was deployed with a production build and no persistent logging (keeps shutting down), and we are trying to determine what might be the root cause.

Any ideas/help is appreciated.


Unfortunately at the moment the only way we can do this remotely is if we get into your device and change this manually. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
If you want to go on and do this, please PM me and I will walk you through the process.

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Yes, can you please send me the steps? We got the device back on but want to have some more data to review if it happens again.


To enable logging we will need direct access to your app or device. In order to provide the best security we can while also helping you as much as possible, we need your permission before accessing it. We limit the window of time we have access.

To grant access: navigate to that app or device, find Actions in the sidebar, click “Grant support access”, and choose a timespan of 24 hours. Then please reply to this message with the URL targeting the app or device to investigate. (For example: https://dashboard.resin.io/apps/11111/devices/22222/summary)

Thanks Joe, here is the URL… I have granted support access. https://dashboard.resin.io/apps/437558/devices/689488/summary

Hi @abatardi,

I just entered your device and activated persistentLogging. For the change to take effect, you will have to reboot the device.

Amazing, thank you. I’ll reboot it now. Are there instructions that are available that we can do this ourselves in the future if needed or is this something that will always require Resin support assistance? Thanks again!

To activate this remotely will require Resin support assistance, but if you have access to the sd card you can activate it by setting “persistentLogging”: true in the config.json in the boot partition. A more detailed explanation if you have access to the sd card is here: https://docs.resin.io/understanding/understanding-devices/2.0.0/#dev-vs-prod-images

It’s worth noting that persistent logging can now be enabled in the device configuration: