DS1307 on balenaFin

I am looking to use the DS1307 on the balenaFin 1.1. There are a couple of links in the developer instructions to how to use the DS1307. I think all these instructions assume you can edit files in your OS. I am using balenaOS. I have free reign in my container, so I am assuming I need to add some things to my Dockerfile.template to get the desired results and use the DS1307. I am still learning the ins and outs of containers, so this is a newbie question. Is it possible that someone my show an example of what I would put in my Dockerfile.template to have the DS1307 always used when the container starts? Thanks.

Further info to add to this. It looks like time is kept synced using “chrony”. I will eventually use the BGM111 to power the Linux system down for periods of time to preserve battery. I think that may be when I care about using the DS1307? So maybe somebody could chime in on not just how to use the DS1307, but should I even be attempting to use the DS1307 if I have network connectivity? Thanks.

Hi @chetferry ! if you are using balenaOS, you are already set! the OS already syncs system time with the RTC and the support for the DS1307 is already in the balena-fin overlay :slight_smile:

Sweet! Thanks for letting me know. I will stop worrying about it and focus back on my application. Thanks.